What Is a Model Home?

What Is a Model Home?

We’ll put the finishing touches on your new place

A model home is a house that is at or near completion. Morrison Builders creates fast and affordable home options for people in northern Indiana and western Michigan.

We build a variety of different styles of homes. When they are close to completion, we invite prospective buyers and Realtors to the property. If potential buyers like the home and location, they can move forward with purchasing it. We’ll handle the final touches to complete the home to their liking.

For more information about purchasing a model home from Morrison Builders, call 574-250-5810 today.

3 benefits of purchasing a model home

Morrison Builders makes it easy to get a beautiful new home without the hassle. When you purchase a model house, you can:

  1. Move into the home within 30 to 60 days after purchase.
  2. Rest assured our builders created a safe and functional home
  3. Enjoy a brand new place without dealing with construction setbacks

Call 574-250-5810 today to learn more about our model homes that are currently available.